2000 October

The Rock Springer

Rock Spring Civic Association

October 2000

Next Civic Association Meetings—

Thursday, October 12, and

Tuesday, October 24, 7:30 p.m.

The Rock Spring Civic Association will meet on Thursday, Oct. 12, and Tuesday, Oct. 24. Both meetings will be held at 7:30 p.m. in room 227 (the music room) at Williamsburg Middle School, 3600 N. Harrison Street. We have a full agenda at both meetings, so please try to attend them both, if you can.

Oct. 12 Agenda

• Candidates for the Arlington County Board: Barbara Favola (D), Joszet Hudson (I), and Scott Tate (R).

• Candidates for Arlington County Sheriff: Beth Arthur (D), John Baber (R), and Elmer Lowe (I).

• Discussion of unified residential development.

• Report on use permit reviews (see article on page 3).

Oct. 24 Agenda

• Candidates for U.S. Congress: Demaris Miller (R) and James Moran (D).

• Candidates for the School Board: Libby Garvey and Frank Wilson.

• Report on the school bond issue by David Foster, School Board member.

• General discussion of the future of Arlington’s schools.

• Preliminary report from the Old Dominion Drive Study Group.

Remembering Lou Ella Ingram

Lou Ella Ingram, longtime treasurer of the Rock Spring Civic Association, died suddenly in July at the age of 81. She had actively and effectively carried out the treasurer’s duties for more than 20 years. In addition, over the years she took on many other tasks in community life.

She was a highly educated musician and extended this art to us as a participating musician, especially at Rock Spring Church. She was a grand and lovely person who enlightened our lives with her knowledge and understanding. Her sunshine was always here. She was a wonderful presence and helped make our neighborhood a better place to live. All of us who know her and worked with her will miss her greatly.

--John McCracken

New RSCA Treasurer Assumes Duties

Dierdre Donahue has graciously agreed to serve as RSCA’s new treasurer. She has been a Rock Spring resident for 7 1/2 years, and recently moved from one house on Rock Spring Road to another, just down the street.

Dierdre and her husband, Jamie Dahlberg, have three young children: Desmond, Nora, and John. Despite her hectic schedule, she accepted the treasurer’s office, she said, "because John McCracken twisted my arm! No, really it’s because I love my neighborhood, and I just felt that I wanted to give something back."

You may pay your annual dues of $10 (due in January) at any RSCA meeting. Or mail them to:

Dierdre Donahue, RSCA Treasurer

4844 Rock Spring Road, 22207

Your dues cover the cost of printing and mailing The Rock Springer to all 1,100 households in our civic association. Thanks for your help!

Traffic Watch

  • N. Albemarle Street. In response to concerns initially raised by RSCA, N. Albemarle near Jamestown School has been selected by the citizens’ Neighborhood Traffic Calming Committee(NTCC) as one of the first neighborhood streets to be included in the County’s traffic calming program.
  • Within the next month, representatives from the NTCC and the County will begin working with interested citizens to develop a traffic-calming plan for N. Albemarle from Glebe Road to the County line. If you’re interested in becoming involved in this effort, please contact Mike Zimmerman, 703 533-0146.
  • N. Delaware Street. To help alleviate the traffic at Jamestown, at RSCA’s suggestion a new "Kiss and Learn" drop-off station was created adjacent to the school on Delaware, just past the crosswalk. The new station extends about 200 feet, or about 10 car lengths, along the curb toward Albemarle St. with parking restricted from 8 to 9:30 a.m. After 9:30, the station can provide parking for school visitors. Feedback so far indicates the new station is working well.
  • Safe walking routes to school. Recently the school superintendent sent home with students maps for parents to use in determining the safest walking routes to and from school. Using these maps as a guide, RSCA is working with the County to make sure crosswalks near neighborhood schools are identified and properly signed. If you have concerns about crosswalks or the lack thereof, call Mike Zimmerman.
  • Williamsburg Blvd. The Sheriff’s Department and Police Department are continuing their enforcement activities, so watch your speed!
  • Little Falls Road. The Department of Public Works’ Traffic Engineering Division, based on its study of traffic conditions, has expressed tentative agreement with the RSCA suggestion that the posted speed limit on Little Falls be lowered from 30 mph to 25 mph. Because speed limit changes require County Board action, the change will be submitted to the Board at the appropriate time.

Work continues on developing a unified approach for addressing traffic issues in our neighborhood. If you’d like to help, call Mike Zimmerman at 703 533-0146.

Old Dominion Drive Study Group Will Meet

RSCA established the Old Dominion Drive Study Group four years ago to assist the county in considering possible changes to Old Dominion Drive. The Arlington County Department of Public Works now has preliminary plans, which will be presented to the Study Group sometime this month. Watch for flyers. If you are not already on the distribution list and would like to be, call Paul Michl at 703 534-6205.

Rock Spring Park Cleanup Scheduled

The Rock Spring Garden Club has planned a fall cleanup in Rock Spring Park for Saturday, October 14, from 1 to 2 p.m. Wear your gardening togs and be prepared to mulch and dig! For more information, call Cathy Flynn, 703 237-7928.

County Board Reviews Two Use Permits

On Oct. 7, the County Board is scheduled to review use permits for the Knights of Columbus summer day camp, which began operating this summer, and for the Washington Golf and Country Club, a longtime use. There is some concern that the Country Club may not be complying with requirements with regard to maintenance of the Babcock House at 4831 Old Dominion Drive, which the Country Club acquired in 1985. A report on the County Board’s actions will be presented at the Oct. 12 RSCA meeting.

New Unified Subdivision on Old Dominion Drive Under Construction

The May Rock Springer reported that the properties at 4870 and 4872 Old Dominion Drive had been sold and that a by-right subdivision plan had been submitted to the Arlington County Department of Public Works. Since then, however, the owner, Mike Dolgas of Premier Development, submitted a unified residential development plan, which was approved by the County Board on Sept. 9. Construction is now under way.

As in the old plan, there will be seven new houses constructed on a cul-de-sac with direct access to Old Dominion Drive. But the unified plan reduces the amount of impervious surfaces, requires no fill, reduces the width of the cul-de-sac, and provides a larger buffer of trees along the rear of the property by pulling the houses closer to Old Dominion. The buffer zone, which accounts for 23 percent of the property’s 2-acre area, will be donated to the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust.

Kudos to neighbors Gisela and Richard Miller for opening discussions and keeping everyone informed, and to Mike Dolgas for his willingness to revise his plans based on neighborhood concerns.