1997 May - Flyer

The Rock Springer

May 1997

Next Civic Association Meeting
Thursday, May 15, 7:30 p.m.

The Rock Spring Civic Association will meet on Thursday, May 15, at 7:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in room 227 (the music room) at Williamsburg Middle School, 3600 N. Harrison Street.


1. Presentations by candidates for Arlington School Board, Arlington County Board and the 48th District of the House of Delegates:

    School Board candidates Larry Fishtahler, Elaine Furlow and Palma Strand are competing for the endorsement of the Arlingtonians for a Better County (ABC). The ABC caucus will be held on

    Saturday, May 17, 1:30- 9:30 p.m., at Washington-Lee High School. Any registered voter or any member of ABC is welcome to participate.

    County Board candidates Barbara Favola and Jay Fisette are competing in the Democratic Party Primary, which will be held on June 10, 6 a.m.-7 p.m., at Williamsburg Middle School.

    Candidates for Delegate Bob Brink and Dave Roberts also will compete in the Democratic primary.

2. Report of the Old Dominion Drive Study Group. Presented by Paul Michl.

3. Discussion of plans for a neighborhood picnic to be held on September 27.

4. General business of the Civic Association.

The next meeting of the Civic Association will take place in September.

Watch for time and date in the newsletter.

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John McCracken

3811 N. Albemarle St.

1st Vice President

Jack Sawicki

4879 Old Dominion Drive

2nd Vice President

Paul Michl

5118 N. 33rd Street


Lou Ella Ingram

4774 33rd Street, N.


Judy Wheat

4879 Old Dominion Drive

Members at Large:

Winifred Pizzano

3421 N. Edison Street

Suzanne Gartner

3420 N. George Mason


David Wahl

4805 Rock Spring Road

John Roberts

4906 N. 34th Road

Virginia Stitzenberger

4810 Rock Spring Road

Laura Meeker

4839 Rock Spring Road

Newsletter Editor:

Gail Baker

4924 Little Falls Road

Arlington Civic Federation Delegates:

Carl Cunningham

3417 N. George Mason


Judy Guerrero

4836 Rock Spring Road

Jack Sawicki

Paul Michl 

Alternate Delegates:

Charles Denny

5318 N. 36th Street

Lillian Ulmen

3706 N. Albemarle St.

Report from the Last RSCA Meeting

The February 26 RSCA meeting featured a report from Delegate Judy Connally on the 1997 General Assembly session, which was Delegate Connally's last. During the 46-day session, the General Assembly considered 2,000 bills. Highlights of the session included: new funding for Metro, water quality and waste improvements, children's health care, elderly care, and education, including $5 million to Arlington County for salaries and maintenance. The legislature also approved a program requiring DMV to supervise driver training courses. Bills considered by Delegate Connally's committees included toxic waste monitoring, pollution control and health care regulation. Delegate Connally explained that much of the session was overshadowed by the fight over appointment of a new Virginia Supreme Court justice, which ended in a stalemate, leaving the appointment to Governor Allen.

Detective Diane Gentles of the Arlington Police Department reported on resources available to Rock Spring residents, including the community resource division, which focuses on the schools, and one neighborhood liaison officer, Corporal Babcock. Detective Gentles also discussed the County's new Community-Based Policing program.
Jim Snyder, a County planner, reported on the County policy regarding cellular phone monopoles, such as the one proposed to be placed on Minor Hill at Powhatan and 35th streets, which was the subject of a March 8 County Board meeting. Mr. Snyder explained that the County cannot prohibit these sites under federal law, although guidelines for placement can be developed. A County Board hearing to consider a placement policy for Arlington will be held May 17. The staff contact on this issue is Tom Miller, 358-3525.
Other business included a report on the Old Dominion Drive Study Group's meetings, and the formation of a zoning committee to be chaired by Winnie Pizzano -- members are welcome for both. Also, special thanks were given to Gail Baker for the first RSCA newsletter and to all who helped with delivery.

-- Judy Wheat, Secretary