2010 October

The Rock Springer - October 2010


RSCA Annual Meeting

Thursday, October 28, 2010, 7:30 p.m.

Williamsburg Middle School LIBRARY

The RSCA Annual Meeting will be held at 7:30 pm, October 28, in the library of Williamsburg Middle School on Harrison St. Our guest speaker will be Mary Hynes, Member of the Arlington County Board. In addition, there will be reports on several current and planned projects in the immediate Rock Spring area, including proposed Williamsburg Blvd enhancement, and Old Dominion Dr. Pedestrian Improvement Phase 2.

Ms. Hynes will discuss the County's broad vision and priorities for the future and also present a new concept for traffic calming, "Neighborhood Drive 25", which the County plans to pilot test on four streets in the Rock Spring area, beginning in early November. Hunter Moore, of the County Manager's Office, will discuss other developments of interest to Rock Spring residents, including the East Falls Church redevelopment plan and current revamping of the County's construction permit process. The evening will conclude with an open "town hall" style Q&A period in which residents will have an opportunity to ask the two County speakers about any other topics of interest or concern to them.

All RSCA residents/members are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting and to review in advance the Agenda (attached), which may also be found in the “2010 Annual Meeting Folder” in the Documents section of the RSCA web site: www.rockspringcivicassoc.org . That folder also contains Ms. Hynes Bio and other meeting information.


2011 RSCA Membership Dues

Please pay your voluntary membership dues (only $10 per household) to:

Alan Geralnick, RSCA Treasurer,
5117 N. 37th St.
Arlington VA 22207.

Include your name, mailing address, and email address, so we may verify your membership eligibility and (with your permission) add you to our Listserv -- thus enabling you to receive emails providing timely information about future meetings, neighborhood project developments, local traffic alerts, emergency conditions, and other key neighborhood events/developments. Dues also may be paid at the October 28 Annual Meeting. Thanks.


Old Dominion Dr. (ODD) Pedestrian Improvement Project Update

Planning and design work continue for Phase 2 of the ODD Ped. Improve. project, which will extend Old Dominion Dr. sidewalks, gutters, and storm drains in the Rock Spring area from Glebe Road to the Fairfax Co. line. Engineering designs have reached the 50% level of detail. Meanwhile, the projected construction start date for Phase 2 construction has been moved up to the spring of 2012. However, the time-table still remains contingent on securing VDOT approvals, resident easements, and remaining construction financing. 


Neighborhood Conservation Plan

The Rock Spring Civic Association's Neighborhood Conservation plan was officially accepted by the County Board on April 27, 2010.  The Plan's overarching goals are to: 

  • Improve traffic management
  • Improve safety, including pedestrian safety
  • Improve storm water drainage 
  • Enhance sense of community

For its first use of Neighborhood Conservation (NC) funds RSCA has proposed to incorporate several of the above goals into a project to redevelop the median in two sections of Williamsburg Blvd. between Harrison and Kensington Sts. (Separate funding is being proposed for work on a third segment of Williamsburg Blvd. between Old Dominion Dr. and 35th. St. N.) In addition, NC funding will be available for decorative "Rock Spring Neighborhood" signs at key entry points to our community. 


Storm Water Management

Control of storm water became a high priority for RSCA following the flooding of area homes during the heavy storms of 2001 and 2006 when Little Pimmit Run (LPR) overflowed its banks due to excessive street run-off. In Phase I of the LPR project the County replaced the undersized culvert under Old Dominion Dr. This past summer, work on Phase II to replace the culvert under Williamsburg Blvd. and rebuild the creek channel between Williamsburg and Little Falls Rd. was completed, with re-landscaping work now almost finished. After two years of studying problems downstream of Old Dominion Dr. in the Dumbarton area, the LPR Advisory Group also submitted its final report and recommendations, which were accepted in September by the County Board and will guide County funding of future improvements in that area. Meanwhile, the County is also planning "retrofits" on public lands, including the Williamsburg Blvd. median, to help absorb more storm water at the source and thus reduce run-off. Residents themselves can help address this community-wide problem by installing rain barrels and rain gardens on their own properties to reduce storm water run-off both onto their neighbors' properties and into the overloaded storm drainage system.


Message from the President

In recent years we have seen a flurry of projects either planned or undertaken in our area:  The Marymount University addition is now complete, as is phase one of the Yorktown High school rebuilding, and Phases 1 and 2 of the Little Pimmit Run (LPR) culvert replacements and channel work project. The LPR Advisory Group has submitted its report and recommendations to help guide future County investments in storm water management downstream of Old Dominion Dr. Detailed planning is underway for the Rock Spring section (Phase 2) of the long-awaited Old Dominion Dr. sidewalk, curb and gutter project, which recently completed Phase 1 between Lee Highway and Glebe Rd. The County also is planning to resurface and curb parts of Williamsburg Blvd. as well as implement water retention projects there and elsewhere in the RSCA area. The RSCA Neighborhood Conservation Plan has been accepted by the County Board and should lead to future funding for part of the Williamsburg Blvd. and other neighborhood improvement projects.

Active citizen involvement is important in all these undertakings to assure that residents know what is happening and can provide their input on desired designs and implementation. We are finding that email is the only cost effective and timely way to notify RSCA residents of these developments, along with  important RSCA meetings & activities, community events,  traffic and emergency alerts, etc. We therefore strongly urge you to subscribe to our Yahoo listserv, which is used for email distribution. (Your email address will not be shared with others without your further permission.) The easiest ways to subscribe are to:

1)      Visit RSCA’s website www.rockspringcivicassoc.org homepage, click on “subscribing to RSCA email updates”, and then supply the requested contact information; of

2)      Just give your contact information to Alan Geralnick, RSCA Treasurer, when you pay your dues at the Annual Meeting (see above) and ask him to enter your information in the listserv.

The RSCA Executive Board joins me in inviting you to the Annual Meeting. We look forward to meeting you there.

Carl Cunningham,
RSCA President





Rock Spring Civic Association

Annual meeting

7:30 P.M., Oct. 28, 2010

Williamsburg Middle School Library


I               Opening

·         Welcome & Introduction -- Carl Cunningham

·          Treasurer’s Report -- Alan Geralnick


III            Projects underway or planned in Rock Spring area -- various speakers


IV            Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Program & first proposed NC project: Williamsburg Blvd. -- Mark Luncher


V             Nearby Developments – Hunter Moore, County Manager’s Office


VI            Guest Speaker -- Mary Hynes, Member of County Board

·         Vision for Arlington County

·         “Neighborhood Drive 25” Pilot Program  --  also Kevin Sweeney, NTCC Chair


VII          Town Hall Q&A Period – Ms. Hynes, Mr. Moore