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2011 October

 The Rock Springer - October 2011


RSCA Annual Meeting

Thursday, October 27, 2011, 7:30 p.m.

Williamsburg Middle School Music Room

Rock Spring Civic Association Annual Meeting

RSCA’s Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday October 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm in the Music Room of Williamsburg Middle School on Harrison St. Biennial elections will be held for all RSCA positions, and our principal speaker, Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan, will conduct a town hall meeting with residents; so bring your questions for the County Manager! In addition, important votes will be taken on proposed changes to RSCA’s Bylaws, as discussed below, and on the design of Rock Spring neighborhood signs to be installed at four entry points to our neighborhood. Updates will also be given on significant projects and other developments in our area.  All RSCA residents/members are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting, vote in the elections, and review in advance the Agenda (attached) and other meeting information, found in the “2011 Annual Meeting Folder” in the Documents section of the RSCA web site: .

Nominations and Elections  The full slate of candidates endorsed by the RSCA Executive Committee is attached. Additional candidates, who are residents and dues paying members of RSCA, may be nominated by contacting Chair person Sue Gartner ( or 703-536-6986) or another member of the Nominating Committee, i.e. Judy Wheat or Charlie Flickner. Pursuant to RSCA’s By-laws, all nominations must be completed prior to the Annual meeting; therefore nominations will close on Oct. 20, 2011.



Proposed Bylaws Revisions  The RSCA Executive Board is proposing amendments to  certain provisions of the Bylaws that now require RSCA to both publish a newsletter and announce key RSCA events in it,  e.g Annual Meetings, elections, proposed Bylaws amendments, etc. Since the printed newsletter has become costly to distribute and the electronic version redundant with our website and listserv postings, the proposed  amendments (attached) would replace the newsletter requirements with substitute language allowing RSCA the flexibility to use other forms of modern communications media accessible by all members. Approval of these amendments requires a two-thirds majority vote at the Annual Meeting.

 2012 RSCA Membership Dues

Please pay your voluntary membership dues (only $10 per household) to:

Alan Geralnick, RSCA Treasurer,
5117 N. 37th St.
Arlington VA 22207.

Include your name, mailing address, and email address, so we may verify your membership eligibility and (with your permission) add you to our Listserv -- thus enabling you to receive emails providing timely information about future meetings, neighborhood project developments, local traffic alerts, emergency conditions, and other key neighborhood events/developments. Dues also may be paid at the October 27 Annual Meeting. Thanks.

Williamsburg Blvd. Redevelopment Projects

Two separate projects are currently being designed to beautify and improve Williamsburg Blvd. in the Rock Spring Civic Assoc. area, with a third project being considered to follow at a later stage. Collectively they would redevelop the medians, curbs, gutters, and intersections along Williamsburg Blvd between Kensington and Glebe Rd. For further details see Williamsburg Blvd. in the Community Projects section. 

Old Dominion Dr. (ODD) Pedestrian Improvement Project Update


Planning and design work continue for Phase 2 of the ODD Ped. Improve. project, which will extend O

ld Dominion Dr. 

sidewalks, gutters, and storm drains into the Rock Spring area from Glebe Road to Williamsburg Blvd. plus

 make spot improvements at the intersection of  38th Street North and Edison Street. Phase 2 construction is now projected to begin in early 2013, contingent on obtaining easements from property owners, VDOT approvals and some additional funding.

For further details see Old Dominion Dr. in the Community Projects section.

Message from the President

Significant developments continue to take place in the Rock Spring neighborhood, including planning for the long-awaited Old Dominion Dr. sidewalk, curb and gutter project and two projects on Williamsburg Blvd. to resurface road surfaces and implement storm water bio-retention in the medians. The RSCA Executive Board, which actively monitors and engages on these and other activities affecting RSCA residents, has been blessed over the years with dedicated leaders. To assure continuation of that strong leadership and to broaden its geographic representation. the Executive Board named Judy Wheat and Lynn Pollock to fill interim vacancies created on the Board when long time members Paul Michl and Judy Guerrero resigned during the recent two year interval between elections. Now David Wahl, another member who has actively contributed to RSCA's work for many years, has decided not to seek re-election due to a potential relocation, and the nominating committee has proposed another strong candidate, Lisa Burnett, to replace him. 

While an effective Executive Board is essential to guiding developments in our area, there is no adequate substitute for an informed and active citizenry who knows what is happening and able to provide their input. Our most cost effective and timely way of keeping them informed about County projects, important RSCA meetings, community events,  traffic and emergency alerts, etc. is RSCAs' Yahoo listserv, used for email distribution. I therefore strongly urge you to subscribe to it. (Your email address will not be shared with others without your further permission.) The easiest ways to subscribe are to:

1)      Visit RSCA’s website homepage, click on “subscribing to RSCA email updates”, and then supply the requested contact information; or

2)      Just give your contact information to Alan Geralnick, RSCA Treasurer, when you pay your dues at the Annual Meeting (see above) and ask him to enter your information in the listserv.

The RSCA Executive Board joins me in inviting you to the Annual Meeting. We look forward to meeting you there.

Carl Cunningham,
RSCA President



Attachment 1 


Rock Spring Civic Association

Annual meeting

7:30 P.M., Oct. 27, 2011

Williamsburg Middle School Music Room

I           Opening
    • Welcome and Introduction – Carl Cunningham, President
    • Treasurer’s Report – Alan Geralnick, Treasurer

 II          Town Hall discussion with Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan

 III        Election of Officers and Board members – Sue Gartner, Nominations Chair

 IV        Approval of Proposed By-Laws Changes – Carl Cunningham

 V         Approval of Neighborhood Conservation Signs – Lynn Pollock

 VI        Updates on Developments in the Rock Spring area – various speakers

    • Canopy Tree Distribution Program
    • WG&CC Fitness Center Replacement
    • Old Dominion Dr. Pedestrian Improvement Project
    • Williamsburg Blvd. Projects

 VII       Other business/announcements

Attachment 2

Proposed Amendments to RSCA By-Laws

Oct. 27, 2011 Annual Meeting

Whereas “The Rock Springer” newsletter is time consuming to publish, cost ineffective and redundant with other RSCA member communications media,

Therefore be it resolved that By-Laws requirements to publish a newsletter and publish certain activities in it are hereby rescinded and replaced with language permitting RSCA to use various communications media accessible to all members, as outlined below.

 By-Laws Section                      Existing Language                  Proposed Change

Art. III Section 3.e

(re: President’s duties)

The President shall appoint a member to serve as the editor of the Association’s newsletter, “The Rock Springer”;

The President may appoint a member to serve as the editor of any Association communications media;

Art.IV Section 2.e

(re: dates of general membership meetings)

…These dates shall be published in “The Rock Springer” and on any existing Association website;

…These dates shall be published in appropriate RSCA communications media accessible by all members;

Art.V Section 2

(re; elections)

…all nominations will be…published in “The Rock Springer” and on any Association website.

…all nominations will be…published in appropriate RSCA communications media accessible by all members.

Art. VI Section 1

(re; proposed Bylaws amendments)

Advance copies…must be presented in writing either at a regular meeting… or by publishing them in “The Rock Springer” and/or on any Association website…

Advance copies…must be presented in writing either at a regular meeting… or by publishing them in appropriate RSCA communications media accessible by all members…

Art. VII Section 1

(re: dates of general meetings)

…The dates… shall be…published in “The Rock Springer” newsletter and on any Association website.

The dates… shall be…published in appropriate RSCA communications media accessible by all members.

Art. X Section 1

(re: newsletter)

The Association shall publish the newsletter “The Rock Springer”…


The Association shall publish appropriate RSCA communications media accessible by all members.

Art. X Section 2

(re: website, and listserv.)

The Executive Board may also establish a website and listserv…

[entire section deleted as unnecessary and subsumed under new Section 1]