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Newsletter for December 2015

posted Nov 30, 2015, 4:59 PM by RockSpring CivicAssociation   [ updated Dec 23, 2015, 2:22 AM ]


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Welcome to RSCA’s monthly newsletter.  We hope to provide timely and interesting news items affecting our community.

1. Rock Spring News:  The votes are counted, the announcements have been made  and congratulations are due  to the new RSCA President, Mark Luncher.  The Vice President is Judy Wheat, the Secretary is Charlie Flicker, and the Treasurer, Alan Geralnick.   Additionally, there are 10 Members-At-Large.  If you need to reach any of the Executive Board members, email and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate person.   A special thank you for all of the time and energy expended for RSCA to Carl Cunningham, our president for many years, and to two Board members rotating off the the board, Sharon Jolly and Joe Delogu.

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2.  Lee Highway Alliance Update:  This article was submitted by Charlie Flickner who has been following the progress of Lee Highway Alliance for RSCA.

Lee Highway: Changes Over the Coming Decades

Several hundred interested citizens participated in the Lee Highway Alliance’s charrette during the weekend of November 4 – 6.  Working with Virginia-based consultants, county staff and board members, they considered a range of evolutionary changes in the buildings, streetscapes, residences, and businesses along Lee Highway and adjacent streets.  The focus was on the stretch between Spout Run and Harrison Street over the next 30 years.

A preliminary report on the results of the charrette discussions will be presented to a Community meeting in January, followed by a presentation of a final report to the county board in late winter.  The Alliance anticipates that the Board will appoint a Task Force to consider how to implement the report and include funding for the effort in next year’s budget. More information is available on the county website:

Participants were encouraged to review and comment in writing on proposals as they developed over the weekend.  Among the preferences identified were safer and shaded sidewalks, public spaces, preservation of and more small business, adequate shared or county parking facilities, and housing for middle-income persons.

The needs of citizens in the commercially underserved areas north of Lee Hiway, especially households Aging in Place, were considered, but did not appear to be a priority.  Arlington County transportation staff briefed on greatly expanded ART bus service along the corridor, but no expansion of bus service along lateral streets in the Rock Spring neighborhood was indicated in the near term.  (VDOT was invited to attend, but did not send a representative.  Rock Spring neighbors are encouraged to attend the next Lee Hiway Alliance, Community Meeting, February 6th at Yorktown HS,  where the consultants' report will be discussed.  

3.  Capacity Issues at Williamsburg Middle School:  As the population at WMS increases, additional trailer classrooms will be necessary.    During the summer of 2016 enough trailers to house an additional 250 students will be moved onto the WMS campus.   A school committee is meeting to determine the best placement for the trailers and how to most effectively use them.  No decision has been made at this point as to the location, who will use them and how to get students into the building and back during inclement weather.  

4.  Update on Old Dominion Construction:  For an update on what is happening and when, please see the County website,

5.  Arlington County Civic Federation:   The Civic Federation is made up of “more than eighty member organizations dedicated to advocacy and community involvement.  Its purpose continues to be promoting the general welfare of Arlington County and vicinity in a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-sectional, and non-political manner.”  Recent topics of discussion included Historic Designation for Stratford and the County’s Open Data policies and procedures.  The meetings are open and convene the first Tuesday of each month.  January 5, 2016 at 7:30 is the next meeting at the Hazel Auditorium,  Virginia Hospital Center, and includes tentative speakers APS Superintendent  Robert Murphy and a Facilities Study report.  To learn more about the Civic Federation and to read their monthly newsletter, go to their web site,

5.  Spring Sports Sign-ups:  Believe it or not, it is time to think about signing up for the spring sports of your choice.  Check the Parks and Recreation web page for the wealth of choices available and for information about registration.

The Executive Board of Rock Spring Civic Association wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and new year!

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