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August 2019 Newsletter

posted Aug 8, 2019, 7:57 AM by c traband

This newsletter is compiled by the Rock Spring Civic Association for residents of the Rock Spring neighborhood.

1.  Neighborhood Car Break-Ins: Submitted by Judy Hadden after speaking with Arlington Police.

Protect your car and home from thefts – Rock Spring and other neighborhoods throughout Arlington have been hit hard by nighttime thefts from cars parked in driveways and on streets.  Arlington County Police describe the majority of incidents we’re experiencing as individuals “car shopping” – moving from car to car looking for unlocked doors and quickly stealing items left inside, such as cash, cell phones, laptops, packages, and other valuables.  Last month an unlocked car in Lyon Park was stolen when the keys were left in the car.

Arlington Police are investigating reported incidents and thefts, reviewing home security camera footage, and encouraging residents to report suspicious activity by calling the Arlington Emergency Communications Center at 703-558-2222, or 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Because it’s easy for any of us at some time to forget to lock car doors or roll up all the windows, Arlington Police are asking each of us to be part of the 9 P.M. Routine, a public safety campaign also being used in communities throughout the country.  It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything, and can prevent thefts in our neighborhoods. Here’s how to participate:

9 P.M. Routine
Set a reminder/alarm/timer to alert you at 9 P.M. each evening, to make sure the following have been done:

  1. Vehicles, residences, garages, windows, gates, sheds have been locked

  2. Exterior lights, security cameras, alarm systems have been activated

  3. Valuables from vehicles (including keys), yards, patios have been brought inside

For more information, see  And print out the 9 P.M Routine flyer and keep it where all your family will see it:

Note:  There has been much conversation on Next Door about thefts of locked cars and keyless entry fobs.  If you have a keyless entry fob, check with your dealer about how to break the signal when your keys are in the house.  Suggestions include wrapping in aluminum foil, placing keys in freezer or any steel box. You can join Next Door at and choose Rock Spring as your local area to see and follow the conversation.

2.  Old Dominion Drive and Little Falls Intersection:  The County has determined that this intersection is dangerous because of the high number of accidents, so starting in September, this intersection will have restricted turning during rush hours.  For more information see,

3.  Rock Spring Civic Association Annual Meeting:  Coming up in October. Please look for details in the September newsletter.
Elections for officers and board members will take place at the meeting.  The Board generally meets once a quarter, plans the annual meeting, and helps residents coordinate with the County on any pending issues.  If you are interested in serving as Officer/ Board Member please contact one of the editors whose emails are at the end of this newsletter.  

4.  Neighborhood Conservation Capital Improvement Projects:  Do you have an idea for a way to beautify your neighborhood or make it safer?  Rock Spring Civic Association has 1 project on the list to place streetlights on a needy street, but we are looking for additional ideas of other projects that would serve your portion of RSCA.  Please send your ideas to one of the newsletter editors (email at end of newsletter). Here is an expanded description of Neighborhood Conservation Projects.

Submitted by Jerry Paull, RSCA Executive Board member:  The Neighborhood Conservation Program helps improve and enhance Arlington neighborhoods. When the program was created in 1964, the goal was to empower residents by having them come together to discuss and share ideas for improving their neighborhoods. Today, the program provides funding for a variety of improvements:  installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights, signs, park improvements, neighborhood art and beautification. This program empowers citizens to identify and plan projects in their own neighborhoods.

There are two ways to initiate these projects:

1.Work with the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) to submit a priority project    that is identified in your Neighborhood Conservation Plan to the County Board for funding approval

2. Submit a resident request to your Civic Association and Neighborhood Conservation Representative,

Neighborhood Conservation staff determine if a project request requires an amendment to the existing Neighborhood Conservation Plan and will work with the civic association to decide if the requested project should become a priority.

After the County Board approves projects for funding, they go through a planning and design process. For each type of project, the process differs slightly. For example, new streetlights require a petition is signed by 60 percent of affected residents and park projects trigger a field study.

There are two funding cycles throughout the year.

5.  Arlington County Fair: August 14 - 18 at Thomas Jefferson Middle School on South 2nd Street.
Tasty treats, thrilling rides and FREE admission.  See the website for more information and the schedule.

6.  Help Fill the Cruiser with Back-to-School Supplies:  Thursday, August 15 from 6-8 pm Help Arlington County students start the school year prepared to succeed by donating new school supplies and other classroom materials during the Fill the Cruiser Back-to-School Supply Drive. All donated supplies will be provided to Arlington County Public Schools for distribution to teachers and students.

Arlington County Police Department’s Community Outreach Teams and School Resource Officers will be collecting donations at:

  • The Westover Shopping Center – 5800 block of Washington Boulevard

  • The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City – 1100 S. Hayes Street (main entrance)

Suggested items for donation include:

  • Pens

  • Pencils (#2)

  • Markers

  • Dry Erase Markers

  • Crayons

  • Colored Pencils

  • Highlighters

  • Erasers

  • Glue

  • Folders

  • Notebooks

  • Binders

  • Dividers

  • Loose Leaf Paper

  • Construction Paper

  • Post-it Notes

  • Index Cards

  • Pencil Cases

  • Zip-Lock Bags

  • Tissues

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Disinfectant Wipes

  • Backpacks

Those wishing to donate supplies but unable to attend the Fill the Cruiser events can drop off donations at Police Headquarters located at 1425 N. Courthouse Road on the 2nd Floor at the Administrative Support Unit between August 1 – August 15.

7.  Arlington County Schools: See the most recent information and updates from Arlington Public Schools and sign up to receive future updates:  Arlington Public Schools also stays in touch with parents and community members through “School Talk” messages.  See for directions on signing up for School Talk, and additional APS School and Community Relations information.
  School starts on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

8.  Arlington Parks and Recreation:  Don’t miss all the summer and fall activities and events in Arlington parks, community centers, and nature centers!  See

For example:
Cool Crayfish Campfire
Saturday, Aug. 10, 7 - 8pm #642859-F
The whole family is invited to join us at the Gulf Branch amphitheater for lots of old-fashioned fun. This engaging program will be filled with entertaining activities which may include stories, special animal guests, games, songs and of course, S’mores! We'll find out where to look for the earliest signs of spring this evening while keeping warm around the fire.

Bat Fest:  August 24th, 6:30-9:00.   Adults, teens, families ages 4 and up. Register children and adults; children must be accompanied by a registered adult.
Enjoy a thoroughly batty evening and add to your knowledge of local night life! Live bat shows are presented by Leslie Sturges, director of The Save Lucy Campaign, established to protect and conserve bats in this region. Registration for one of our live bat talks is required. All other activities are on-going from 6:30 thru 9pm; habitat walks, games, crafts and much more! For information: 703-228-3403. Meet at Gulf Branch Nature Center. 
 Register online or call 703-228-4747. Activity #: 642859-I



Contact the newsletter editors for information or items to share, please email either Judy Hadden  or Joan Trabandt