Little Pimmit Run Storm Drainage

posted Jul 26, 2009, 2:10 PM by RockSpring CivicAssociation   [ updated Mar 11, 2011, 1:47 PM ]
The County has undertaken a multi-phase project to address flooding problems along Little Pimmit Run. In Phase I, the undersized culvert at Old Dominion Dr was replaced. Phase II, now underway, will replace the culvert under Williamsburg Blvd. and rebuild the channel between Williamsburg Blvd. and Little Falls Rd. A citizens Advisory Group is also meeting with County staff to plan Phase III, which is expected to involve retrofits and other measures to control drainage problems downstream of Old Dominion Dr. Additional details and plans are available at:

Residents themselves also can play a role in minimizing storm water run-off from their properties by installing rain gardens and rain barrels. The following links provide useful information on this topic:Reduce Runoff: Slow it Down, Spread it out, Soak it in  ;Raingardens at The Arlington Condo; Arlington County Rain Barrels

Storm Water Management

Control of storm water became a high priority for RSCA following the flooding of area homes during the heavy storms of  
2001 and 2006 when Little Pimmit Run (LPR) overflowed its banks due to excessive street run-off.
 In Phase I of the LPR project the County replaced the undersized culvert under Old Dominion Dr. This past summer, work on Phase II to replace 
the culvert under Williamsburg Blvd. and rebuild the creek channel between Williamsburg and Little Falls Rd. was completed, with re-landscaping work now almost finished. After two years of studying problems downstream of Old Dominion Dr. in the Dumbarton area, t
he LPR Advisory Group  also 
submitted its final report and recommendations, which were accepted 
in September 
by the County Board and will guide County funding of future improvements in that area. 

Meanwhile, the County 
 planning "retrofits" on public lands, including the Williamsburg Blvd. median, to help absorb more 
storm water at the source and thus reduce run-off.

esidents themselves can help address this community-wide problem by undertaking measures on their own properties to reduce storm water run-off both onto their neighbors' properties and into the overloaded storm drainage system -- learn what you can do by viewing the
 Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels 
flyer and watching 
the announcements page for upcoming workshops.