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Little Pimmit Run Phase 2 Project Update -- 12/15/09

posted Dec 16, 2009, 11:22 AM by RockSpring CivicAssociation   [ updated Dec 16, 2009, 11:57 AM ]

Construction of the foundation for the north side of the culvert at Williamsburg Boulevard has been completed.  Starting this week, the construction workers will begin to place each of the seven concrete sections of the culvert (including the wing walls), as designed.  A crane will be used to place each section, and the construction contractor will be managing the flow of traffic around the construction site while the crane is in use.  Each section takes between 1-2 days to place so the crane will likely be in the area for one-two weeks.

Following the placement of the culvert sections, the construction crew will move to backfilling the area around the culvert.  After that, pavement restoration will be the last thing for completion of this side of the culvert.  It is anticipated that shortly after the New Year the next phase of the culvert construction will begin and they will be moving to the other side of Williamsburg Blvd.

Construction also continues simultaneously on the proposed channel and retaining walls at the Little Falls end (far south).  They have excavated, formed, and poured the concrete for 150 feet of the channel.  The plan is to continue proceeding north, constructing the channel in 25’ intervals.  This includes clearing, grubbing, excavating, and pouring the actual channel and retaining walls.  Stumps are being removed as part of the clearing process on an ongoing basis as construction nears the area.

The wet weather this fall has slowed construction at times, but construction continues to steadily progress.

Please contact Bonnie A. Parker, Community Relations Specialist, Department of Environmental Services at or 703-228-3173 if you have any questions.